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30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Fixed Rate Mortgages

This type of loan has 360 monthly payments that remain the same for the entire 30 year period after which time the loan is paid in full. The monthly payment is based on an interest rate which does not change over the term of the loan (hence the term “fixed rate”).


Most realtors require a pre-qualification form from your lender to begin showing properties, but the benefit to you is personal guidance from our mortgage professionals on selecting your best price range, based on the financial information you provide. This step can be completed online or over the phone with one of our mortgage professionals, and does not include credit verification.


You’ll need the following information and documents to complete your mortgage application. Please plan to bring these items, for everyone who will be named on the mortgage, to your appointment with a mortgage representative:

  • Proof of address for your current residence, as well as the previous two years.
  • Social Security numbers.
  • Employment history, with names, addresses, and phone numbers of current employer, as well as for the previous two years.
  • Bank and account information, including current balances.
  • Investment information, including if you currently own another home or property. The lender will need to know that address, current market value, and the amount owed on an existing mortgage.
  • Your current debt, including the name of creditors, account numbers, current balances and monthly payment amount.
  • Tax returns for the last five years.

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